J. Cole Talks Dream Collabos & Guilty Pleasures

J. Cole is coming to Hot Jam 2013, and last time he stopped by Hot 93.7, he shared his dream collabos and his favorite “guilty pleasure” music.

“Me and Kendrick are doing an album, I figured I’d say it before you asked,” Cole said, confirming the rumors of the team-up that have been circulating for a while now.  Cole will be working on a project with fellow rising star Lamar, but he’d be open to more collabos in the future, as well.

What would be the dream collabo for Cole? He has a few, but his top picks of all time would be Nas and his idol Tupac.  While he will never get the chance to work with his idol, there’s plenty of living artists he’d like to work with.  “They don’t even gotta be dead,” he said. “Me, Jay and Em… everybody trying to out-rap each other.”

Cole is a big fan of Eminem, which is half the reason he’d love to work on a project with the Detroit legend.  “I’m a super-duper Eminem fan,” he admitted, before recalling the first time he met Em in person.  “I had to tell him– I talked his head off for ten minutes about how big a fan I was.”

The young rapper is well versed in hip-hop history, and he admitted while he respects his fellow young talent today, he tends to stick with the same iconcs he grew up with.  “I’m a fan of the things I was a fan of back in the day,” he explained. “I like a lot of things that are coming up, like Joey Bada$$, I just don’t have the time to be a fan of people because I’m doing my own thing.  But there’s a lot of good stuff around the corner… Me, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick, Joey Bada$$… it’s a lot of heat coming.”

As a star in the game, Cole rarely has to pay to get into a show these days.  The last hip-hop show he remembers having to buy a ticket for was Kanye West, back in 2003.  “In 2003, I was nobody,” he joked.  He did not have to pay for the Jay-Z/ Eminem show at Yankee Stadium, however, adding “I was on stage over there.”

Many of us have guilty pleasures, those songs and artists that we love, despite an unclear fit with a certain lifestyle or outlook.  Cole has plenty, although he hesitates calling these beloved artists “guilty.”

“It’s not guilty, because I’m not guilty about it none of it,” he said. “I play Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers… I play a lot because of my mom– I’m half black, half white, my Mom played everything.  Pearl Jam, and James Taylor… my Mom played Peter Paul & Mary.  I got a wide variety of things I know from my childhood, and I still listen to today.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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