The Hot Morning Crew was kicking it backstage at the 55th annual GRAMMY Awards in L.A. last weekend. They met up with legendary artist, and the host of the awards ceremony, LL Cool J.

“I would be lying to you if I said I saw any of this,” said the rapper on his successful music, film, and television career.  “I am just real thankful. We all have dreams.”

LL Cool J can currently be seen as a regular on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles as Special Agent Sam Hanna.

“All the technology that we use on the show is actual technology that exists,” LL informed us, also noting that he must to keep up to date on it for the role. “We work very closely with a lot of technology companies, Microsoft and others, and they help us stay on the cutting edge of technology.”  LL also explained that the plots for the episodes are really condensed versions of real life events. “A lot of the stories are based upon things that happen out in the world. Everything we do on the show is pretty close to what [actually] happens.”

LL got to use his crime fighting skills in real life last summer when a man attempted to burglarize his Los Angeles home. LL apprehended the intruder, leaving him with a broken nose and jaw. “I did what most men would have done,” he explained. “The majority of men would have went in there and did what they had to do (and women too) to protect their families… You would be surprised what you are capable of.”

But when he is not serving justice, the second year GRAMMY host is known to be one of the most humble and personable artists around.

“Early on I met a few people that were well known artists, and they weren’t nice to me,” he explained.  “That always stuck with me. I try to make sure that even though I may have met two thousand people, I am meeting you or this person for the first time.  You have to remember that. People matter.”

Although he is a staple of film and television, LL Cool J noted that he is not abandoning his music career anytime soon– His thirteenth studio album, Authentic, is set to be released April 30th.

“I love music. Not only is music my first love, for me it is also like a personal challenge to put out an album that the world cares about.”

Check out the full interview here:


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