By Jenny Boom Boom

Jenny Boom Boom caught up with Robert Knepper backstage at the GRAMMYs, and the actor gave all the details on his chilling new CW drama Cult.

Robert Knepper is known by many as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, the craziest guy on Prison Break, he was Jenny’s favorite on the show. “I remember one guy came up to me and he was watching that show where I was licking the driver’s license and the picture of the prison guard guy with the girl in her prom dress, and he just started screaming– he was watching it with his 16 year old son and his wife and he say “I hate that ::beep beep::!”

The same wild intensity that made Knepper an icon on Prison Break is definitely on display in his latest project, the CW Thriller Cult.  “If you thought that was gripping, wait until you see Cult,” teased the actor.  “It’s not for sissies.”

Cult features an intriguing structure– it’s a show within a show.  Knepper plays magnetic cult leader Billy Grimm, who recruits members to his “family,” including one little girl who breaks away and grows up to become a cop, driven to take the entire operation down.  One of the cult members has been killing people, and their motives may be directly tied to the family’s powerful leader.

However that’s only half of what’s going on– pulling back from Grimm’s story, we find fans of this TV series, also within the show, who are just as obsessive as the cult members on their screens.  Cult plays with both a traditional thriller storyline, and a look at the more realistic obsessions seen in response to shows like LOST and 24.  But then, out of nowhere, Billy Grimm himself appears, and recruits the fictional viewers of the show-within-a-show to his “real life” cult!

Sound like a trip?  It is, but it’s one of those shows that draws you in right away, even for an actor like Knepper.  “It does something with your head,” he explained.  “When I read Cult, I said I’ve gotta do that show.”

Watch new episodes of Cult each Tuesday at 9 EST /8 CST only on the CW!

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford


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