By Jenny Boom Boom

Pusha T called the Hot Afternoon Show to talk about his recent success in the G.O.O.D. Music camp, and how Kanye has helped launch him to the top of his game.  The industry veteran also filled us in on his new upcoming music, and where his beef with Lil Wayne stands today.

Pusha T first broke into the game in 1992 with his brother “No Malice” as the group Clipse.  After almost two decades of performing as a duo, the two went their separate ways to focus on solo projects. Pusha T signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label in September of 2010, immediately pushing his career to the next level.

“I think it is basically being around the creative, being around people that basically push you,” the rapper explained to Jenny Boom Boom.  “The biggest thing I have learned by working with Kanye West is that a record can always get better.”

One of the hallmarks of a Kanye album is all the unexpected hidden surprises within– musically and lyrically. Pusha T hinted that we can expect more of the same on his upcoming solo debut, My Name Is My Name.  “Kanye is executive producing that whole thing, and there will definitely be tricks all throughout the production of it.”

Along with the studio album, Pusha T is releasing a new mixtape titled Wrath of Caine as well.  He pointed out that the title is in tribute to his favorite rapper, Big Daddy Kane, and will feature tracks that are true to his roots. “[Wrath of Caine] is just true to what I do… [It’s] for my core fan base,” he explained. “It is just 100 percent street music. Everything I do is basically about paying homage to hip hop. Everything I do is lyric driven… It just embodies the whole energy of the street.”

Pusha T and Lil Wayne have always had a well-known feud, with both artists frequently trading disses on their respective tracks.  Pusha T defended himself, noting that it will end when Lil Wayne ends it… and all in all, the insults just make for good music.

“You gotta remember the position I play in this… I don’t have as many fans as these guys,” Pusha T explained.  “With that being the case, I can’t let people say things or talk ill of me, because it can be looked at very easily as a loss.”

He continued, “If I get the opportunity to make a great record and a great hip hop verse, and that verse happens to smack somebody, that’s just what it is.  I do it in the spirit of hip hop. I do it good. I do it tastefully.  All my albums are like that.”

Check out Pusha T’s  full interview here:


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