T.I. was in town last week to visit our neighbors, the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN, and you know we had to crash the party. The Hot Morning Crew’s DJ Buck & Nancy Barrow went down to Bristol, CT to visit the Trouble Man himself and talk about the success of his new album, gun control, and his view on the hip hop game.

Along with television appearances and business ventures, the entrepreneurial rapper has been busy in the studio –recently releasing his eighth album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, to universal praise.  

“I try to prioritize and delegate responsibilities whenever possible,” explained T.I., noting time management as a key to being so successful.  He insisted that even though he has his hand in multiple business ventures, there is no daily “to-do” list.

“I just generally try to wake up and be a better person today than I was yesterday,” he said. “I want to be able to oversee all of the things that I need to have happen, [to make sure] they are happening…  [But] I trust my team.”

This work ethic has allowed T.I. to still be able to climb the charts eight albums in.  “The game overall has changed,” the twelve year veteran noted.  “A lot of times the new cats just want to put a song out, and go straight to the top, and not do the work that comes with it… I am conditioned. This is the way I know it to be.”

“Hallelujah,” the closing track off the new album, has gained a more prominent meaning in light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT.  T.I., who has made his strong opinions about guns known in the past, talked about the recent gun control debate, and the side he takes on the issue.

“I think as much as we can afford to be in place, should be done,” he stated. “I think there should be some adjustments made to the criteria that must be made in order for you to be allowed to have [a gun].”

He continued, “I think the complete overall ban of firearms [is] a bad idea simply because if you do that, then you say the only people who are going to have guns, are the ones willing to break the law to keep them.  That means you are putting the guns in the hands of only the criminals.”

Listen to Buck & Nancy’s full interview with T.I. below!


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