Pastor TC Brantley stopped by the Hot Morning Crew to discuss the terrible tragedy at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. He gave some strong words of advice on how to cope with the tragedy, explaining what we can all do to move forward for a better tomorrow.

Pastor Brantley explained that how we respond to tragedy is very important.  While many of us feel strong emotions due to Friday’s horrific events, we should not let our emotions overcome us– especially anger.

“There is no way you can look at those twenty young babies and not be affected by it,” Pastor Brantley stated. “Do not get angry. Anger is not going to solve this problem. That’s what that the kid [Adam Lanza] did. He was angry. By us being angry we are following his direction. Becoming angry, becoming bitter, that’s what he did. Because of what he did look what happened.  He has put our wonderful state number two [in the nation] for mass shootings… because he was angry.”

The pastor also emphasized for all the couples who lost children to“stay together.” “Sometimes tragedy can cause divorce, or a riff in the family,” he continued. “Do not destroy each other. Do not cannibalize each other over the issue. That is not going to bring your son or daughter back.”

While the healing process will be long and difficult, Pastor Brantley gave us his best advice for moving forward. Faith.“You have to find your way back to God, you have to find your way back to faith,” he explained. “My money is on God. I will not let Adam [Lanza] take my faith away from God because that is what is going to keep us, and keep this state, and keep this nation going. I got to believe God more than Adam [Lanza]. For those with faith, if anything, [this] makes you want to hold on to faith more, not less.”

Our society struggles with its morals. However, Pastor Brantley hopes that this event will finally open people’s eyes and change for the better.

“Maybe these twenty kids can change our perspective about everything…”

Listen to the full discussion here:


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