By DJ Bigg Mann

Brandy happened to be taping a segment at ESPN in next door Bristol yesterday, so she was nice enough to take the short ride over to the Hot 93.7 studios for an exclusive interview!  The actress and musician talked all about her incredibly successful career, and how a recent hiatus has allowed her to be able to grow as a person and an artist. She also gave us all the details on her newly released album, Two Eleven, and explained what it is like to be back in the studio recording.

Brandy has been one of the most successful and talented artists of last two decades. Since first landing in the spotlight in 1993, she has released six studio albums, she has starred in six movies, and has appeared in numerous television and reality series. After growing up in the spotlight, Brandy believes taking some time off really helped her grow as a person. “I had a great foundation. In the beginning, growing up in the public eye is difficult, but I had time to take away from the business to self-develop and really grow as a person and raise my daughter,” she said.  “When you have a child, and when you start to get into who you really are, you realize this whole business is about service. It’s about your fans. It’s about the people who love your music, and it’s also just about sharing with your family and friends.”

The pop icon noted that although she has grown as a person, living in transparency is still not always easy. Her reality series with her brother Ray J chronicled her everyday life, and was especially revealing. “Family, they go through things. I just don’t think our family should have been on reality TV. Certain people, people don’t want to see the behind the scenes of… I think our family is one of those families.”

Brandy explained that negative press is hard to ignore, but her appearance on VH1’s Behind the Music really helped her express her true self. “Some of the struggles I have been through publicly have been very, very, difficult for me, but it’s made me the woman I am today,” she recalled.  “I just feel grounded. I feel like I can relate to people, I feel like I have different things that I can share with people that I have been through.”

Two Eleven, Brandy’s sixth studio album, was released last October to universal praise. The album is Brandy’s first since 2008, and she explained about what it is like to be back in the recording business. “I am happy to be back. Music is my life. It’s the only way I can really truly express everything that I am feeling on the inside of me. It is great to be accepted again, for people to embrace the new album. No matter how much it ends up selling, I know the people who have bought it love the album.”

The new album features many collaborators, including one incredible talent that helped pen Brandy’s favorite track. “My favorite record would have to be “Scared of Beautiful” written by Frank Ocean. It’s like my greatest love of all. It’s about self-love, self-respect, not being afraid to be the best you you can be. I love that. It’s a powerful message.”

Check out the full interview here:


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