Pastor T.C. Brantley stopped by the Hot 93.7 studio to talk relationships. He gave some wise advice for couples to live by, including those couples that are currently struggling in their relationship.

“I try to encourage people first, people who are going through a lot of relationship issues and they don’t know where to turn… God has a plan for you, and no matter what you are going through, it’s going to get better. But to get better, you got to know yourself,” Pastor Brantley explained. “A lot of people are just trying to swing from vine to vine, man to man, woman to woman… stop it. Chill. Know yourself, and make sure the next person is the right person.”

Pastor Brantley emphasized that getting to know your partner in the beginning is key to having a strong relationship in the future.  “Do all the investigative work before [you] get serious,” said Brantley. “Relationship is hard, and hear me loud and clear, you would rather do it in the beginning than during. A lot of people don’t do the hard work in the beginning.”

Pastor Brantley made note that partners have to grow with each other-through career changes and major life events.  “If there is a shift change with your spouse, you have to shift with them, because if you don’t, someone [where your spouse is at]is gonna greet them open arms.” Pastor Brantley also stressed that partners need to stay faithful to each other. “There is no excuse for cheating. People need to grow together.”

One of the biggest struggles in many relationships is the lack of mutual interest in your spouse’s activities.  The recent releases of the video games, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,Halo 4, and Assassin’s Creed 3, means many guys will be spending a great deal of their day in front of the TV… Pastor Brantley’s advice to these guys?“You cannot lose focus on your girl. I see guys go away for five hours, six hours, don’t know where they are at, then want to jump in the bed and have sex. ‘Ant happening that way.”

Check out more of Pastor T.C. Brantley’s relationship advice in the full interview here:


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