By DJ Bigg Mann

The Game stopped by to chop it up with Biggmann and DJ Wrexx live during the Mid Day Workout.  The Game gave us his side of the multiple media controversies he has been a part of lately, including his altercation with 211 and legal situation with 40 Glocc.  The Game also told us his thoughts on the recent election, and what he did to help people get out and vote.

“I think the media manages to keep me floatin’ in the media,” explained Game on being the center of multiple media controversies this past year.  “You could put Game drinking coffee, and everyone will be like I don’t like the way he is drinking coffee.That is just not right.” One of the biggest stories was Game’s brawl with fellow rapper 40 Glocc outside a party in Los Angeles earlier this year.  The video of the fight went viral, and now 40 is suing him in a situation that “is getting really messy.”

“I am in my video game room, and I am playing Madden, and I see police coming to the door with papers,” Game explained. “I sent a homie to the door. We have been served before so we got a little game we play with them.  As soon as they put [the papers] out, you put your hands out, and as soon as they let go, you move.  [The papers] hit the floor, you close the door, you haven’t been served.  You walk away. I just kept playing Madden man.”  Game clearly mentioned he is not afraid of 40’s legal action against him.  “All that did was give him another strike,” said Game on 40. “Suing me is like a sequel to a movie. When you sue me once there is gonna be a part two. It’s gonna be called 40 Glocc getting knocked into a tree: 2 BOOKAH BOOKAH.”

Not to be slipped under the media’s radar was another confrontation Game had this past year, with rapper 211 at Lil Wayne’s birthday party.  At the party, 211 started disrespecting Game. Game was kicked out of the party after the words escalated into a brawl. “For some reason these guys are always picking on me,” Game said.  “I caught up with [211]. It was Wayne’s birthday party.  It was a catch-22 because Wayne is my homie, it was his birthday party, and I didn’t want to mess that up for him.  [211] B-lined toward the door after about 30 minutes, I went right behind him, walked up in on him, touched his shoulder, as soon as he turned around he got three BOOKAHs.”

The Game is not afraid to stick up for what he believes in, backing Dr. Dre protégé, Kendrick Lamar, when Shyne called Kendrick’s album, good kid, m A.A. d city, “trash.”  “Don’t come out and try to kill that man on his first album,” stated Game. “[Shyne] tried to backtrack and say he wasn’t talking about Kendrick, he was talking about the album… but who is on the album?  I had to stand up one time for Compton. [Shyne] is trapped on Gilligan’s Island. He’s doing his Mary Ann thing right now.”

Game also recently stood up for what he believes in politically, making sure to get his vote in for last week’s election.  “I was just trying to do my part,” said Game. “Romney, I can’t have that. Obama is a dope guy, he’s my president, and so I wanted to make sure I did my part.”  Game explained how he helped others do their part as well, generously giving the less fortunate an opportunity to cast their vote.  “We gave approximately five hundred and fifty voters twenty dollars to ride the train to and from the ballots so they could vote,” said Game.“We brought twenty five people over from Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel and dropped them off at the polls… and gave them twenty dollars too so they could get back. I just wanted to help encourage people to go out and vote and it worked.  Without us all doing our part, we wouldn’t know what would have happened.”

How much did these generous efforts cost for The Game? “I rounded it out to 10k but it was closer to 11-12,” he answered. Not that much for a person worth over 25 million. “23 million,” Game corrected.“I had to buy a new house for my girl.”


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