Nadine Velazquez Talks Getting Nude For Denzel Washington In “Flight”

Actress Nadine Velazquez called the Hot Morning Crew from “under the covers” to talk about her new movie, Flight, and what it was like to co-star alongside Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington.  Nadine also talked about her revealing scene in the movie, and what her parents think about her bearing it all to Denzel.

“The movie is based on a pilot [played by Washington] who lands a plane that is going down,” explained Nadine on Flight, in theaters now. “Everyone on board was supposed to die, but [the pilot] saved everyone except six people. As the investigation goes on, they start to question whether or not he was fit to fly the plane in the first place. Is it a mechanical issue, or was it an issue based on his judgment?  Could it have been completely avoided? The investigation really uncovers this guy’s life, his demons, and his lies.”

Nadine Velazquez has previously acted in television series such as Entourage, CSI:NY, Scrubs, and My Name Is Earl, however she told us acting alongside Washington is her career high point so far.  “So far it’s the highlight. It’s the biggest thing I have ever done,” she said. “I have never worked with an Academy Award winner. It was very different for me. I am so happy that I did because he is so different than obviously the non-Academy Award winners… He is so in the moment and spontaneous.”

Nadine had to quickly learn to be “in the moment” too, as the first scene they filmed together was a nude scene!  “The first day on the set, and the first scene in the movie, was our very long nude scene,” explained Nadine who has been listed multiple times on Maxim’s annual Hot 100 list.  “I was actually really comfortable being naked believe it or not.  The scene is just me getting dressed. The way that we are shot is really moody and really cold, so I didn’t mind. Robert Zemeckis did a great job with our nude scene.  It’s not about being nude necessarily, it’s about the implication of what we were doing that morning, and the night before.”

So what does Nadine’s mother think about her being nude with Denzel Washington? “My whole career, she has been nagging at me not to do anything nude, and never be in Playboy,” explained Nadine. “I have to reassure [mom and dad] I am never going down that route, but with this I said look mom, it is Denzel Washington, Academy Award winner, an Academy Award winner director, I did a nude scene, it’s good… Just be ten minutes late, and don’t bring dad,” Nadine joked. “Actually their lecture was not that long. It was like five minutes.”

Now that Nadine has been in a nude scene with Denzel, she admitted there’s another star she’d like to be filmed nude with–  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  “I have another movie coming out in April called Snitch, and that is opposite The Rock,” said Nadine.  Will she be naked with him too?  “I wish,” she joked.

Flight lands in theaters everywhere today!  Check out the trailer below:


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