2 Chainz Talks Collab With Ciara, Club Paradise & His Tricked-Out Tour Bus

Jenny Boom Boom caught up with 2 Chainz backstage at Hot Jam 2012, and the rapper was more than happy to chat it up about his incredible success, collabing with the biggest ladies in music, his upcoming album and what he uses to tour in style on the road for Club Paradise.

Jenny gave her best shot at a “2 Chaaaaiinnnnnzzzzz” shout out, but she’s not quite there yet. So how is it done? “The enunciation’s on ‘Chains.’ Just say ‘Truuu’,” said the rapper.

Club Paradise has been going really smoothly so far. “It’s just a party,” he said. “Everybody’s been having fun backstage, as well as displaying their talents when they get on.”

Chainz still won’t admit whether he’s signed to G.O.O.D. music, but we all know he’s tight with Kanye West. But tight as they may be, Chainz isn’t expecting to take a ride in Kanye’s new birthday gift Lamborghini– “I don’t think he has time to actually drive a car,” Chainz admitted, referring to about Yeezy’s long-running tour with Watch the Throne.

But a car can be a great gift– in fact, that’s what 2 Chainz is really looking for in a lady. “I’m looking for a female– I don’t care what– I’m looking for someone that can buy me a car,” he only half-joked.  Chainz is still looking for that special woman in his personal life, but he’s certainly having lots of luck collaborating with some very special ladies in the music world. From Dev to Ciara, Kreayshawn to Nicki Minaj, he’s worked with a lot of women, and he’s loving it, especially how these collabs let him expand into so many genres of music. “It brings out the creative juices in me,” said Chainz. “Getting invited to do these songs with all these pop singers, I just envision doing a video with, like Ciara, getting all up on me.” On “Sweat,” the pop singer is certainly perspiring, and Chainz is fine with them sweating together, anytime!

As for Chainz’ own music, the new album Based on a T.R.U. Story is set to drop on August 14th, and his first single “No Lie” has been killing it at radio, on iTunes and in the clubs. He and Drake have been performing the song live every night on Club Paradise, which is a great opportunity for Chainz to share that headline exposure, since his set is earlier in the night as the crowd is just beginning to arrive. The rapper is a team player, though, and he enjoys kicking things off for the evening. “I Kinda set the tone for the tour. That’s what makes me feel better.”

While the album is pretty much done, Chainz just got approval today on a sample he was using, and he described the difference between an album and a mixtape. “An album is much different than a mixtape. You can put songs on [a mixtape] without it being cleared. When you use somebody’s else’s music… you wait a while for it to get back.” What’s the sample that he just got cleared? It’s a song from the 1950’s called “The Old Dope Peddler,” and the permission letter Chainz received may have been his favorite ever– all it said was “As we say in California… whatever. All I ask is that you send me 2 copies of the CD the day it comes out. My regards goes out to Mr. Chainz, and can I call him 2?”

2 Chainz is on fire right now, and it probably won’t be long until he’s headlining his own tour. But for his part, the rapper hasn’t even had a chance to enjoy his newfound success. “It wasn’t overnight, it was a gradual process,” he noted.

Chainz’ rise to fame was strategic and planned out– he bought a home and his cars before his record deal came through, so he was pretty well-situated when he got signed to Def Jam. The only thing he really wanted to buy when the ink was on the paper was a tricked-out tour bus, which he brought it here to Hartford! “I kinda freaked it [the bus], I made it into a Chevy,” Chainz said proudly. And with a beast sound system, a stripper pole, a studio, and even a full stove, he’s not lying… that’s how to travel Club Paradise in style!

–Bill Sencio, Hot 93.7/ Hartford

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