Coming Home Premiere

When we imagine [lastfm]Diddy[/lastfm], we imagine him shrouded in a decadent purple fur cape, balancing a giant crown on his head, with a harem full of model-esque women doing his bidding. How can we not?

As Carson Daly exclaimed himself, Diddy is “omnipotent”; Diddy is rap royalty; Diddy is a multi-millionaire mogul with a clothing line, a record label, and an overly-ardent entourage.

We can only assume based on what we’ve seen on reality television and how the media has represented Mr.Combs.

What we were met with was a relaxed, laid-back dude donning a humble grey Champion hoodie and a pair of old-school Adidas–perfect for the chill Los Angeles morning.

Diddy was all smiles, greeted us with a firm handshake, got situated in the studio, and grooved out adorably to his new single, “Coming Home,” off his upcoming album Last Train To Paris.

Carson Daly is the master of a professional, concise interview so we were a little surprised when he instantly turned to that sort of sarcastic you can only be around one of your best friends–without risk of being punched in the face:

Diddy, I don’t follow you on Twitter anymore…you remind me of what a bad person I am, when I eat too much. I don’t work out. I’m not as motivated as you!

Known for throwing out crazy quotes, inspirational messages, constant affirmations, and societal reprimands on his Twitter, Diddy just laughed. He’s obviously used to being made fun of for flexing his addicted Twitter thumb:

No one is as exciting and relentless as me on Twitter. Twitter is a love/hate relationship.

With a cheeky grin, Diddy proclaimed:

But you’ll be back!

In fact, Carson Daly and Diddy have been friends for over a decade. When Daly worked on MTV’s TRL, Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment offices were across the street. The two had grown to become good friends, going through tragedies like 9/11 together and comedies like…Daly losing his virgnity? Diddy explained to the audience why the two were being jesters and elaborated on the virginity claim:

People don’t understand, people hear us joking, but we’ve known each other for so long. And you know, I definitely value you as a friend. I took you to meet Muhammad Ali and also…I helped you lose your virginity.

We’re not sure how accurate this claim was or whether it was just dudes joking around, but Carson Daly didn’t flinch or deny the claim. The extent of their humor shows just how tight their relationship is, but Daly’s inquiries about Diddy’s family show just how deep it is. Diddy answered positively:

My family’s great. I’m good. God is great. He woke me up this morning. You know, I’m truly blessed to be here. Every morning I get to wake up and it’s a blessing. My kids and my families healthy, you know?

The hip-hop legend is as on top of the world; Diddy just celebrated his 41st birthday, ran the New York City Marathon (coming in behind Chilean miner Edison Pena but ahead of Oprah Winfrey), and is gearing up to promote his long-coming, highly-anticipated album (featuring the girls of Dirty Money), Last Train To Paris. Why did it take so long for a new album to come out? Diddy explains:

You know, it just took time to get it right, really. And also, when you did the intro, people know me for so many thing and I do so many things ‘Get Him To The Greek’…Sean John…Nah, nah, it just took awhile because I wanted to make sure it was right and also–I wanted to reintroduce myself to people as a recording artist…you know, a lot of times you have to do so many things.

I don’t know if people know how serious  my recording artist side is. But you know, I just wanted to let people know by doing the set-up and the promotions. But also, introducing the girls, Dirty Money, into the whole fold. And just making sure the album is right. Now, it’s right!

What makes Last Train To Paris so right? Perhaps it is radio-ready hits like “Hello, Good Morning” featuring [lastfm]T.I. [/lastfm]and  “Loving You No More” featuring [lastfm]Drake[/lastfm]. Perhaps it is the collaborations with music gurus like [lastfm]Justin Timberlake[/lastfm], [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Grace Jones[/lastfm].

Or perhaps it is simply the magic of the “Sean-Combs-Seal-Of -Approval”  combined with his unwavering, non-stop marketing. After Daly premiered his newest single, “Coming Home,” Diddy proclaimed:

What’s that blinking thing! That means the program director is calling in saying let’s put that in heavy rotation. Let’s not be late! Let’s be early!

Be early to the game and pre-order Diddy & Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris, out on December 14th.

Check out a clip of Diddy’s new song “Coming Home”:

Diddy ended the interview with a smirk and a slyly, perhaps sarcastic farewell to his buddy, Carson Daly:

Always a pleasure just to see your pretty face.

Bad boys will be very bad boys. And it is all very entertaining.


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